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Random musings on (yet more) corporate stupidity

You don’t have millions to spend building a brand with traditional media. You want action, direct response, more customers and to let the brand build over time as more & more people know about you. Care about you.

So what can we learn from the guys at the big end of town? Yet again, it seems they insist on giving us lessons in what not to do.

I’m sure you’ve seen the very pretty ads on tv for HP. They helped create Shrek & sponsor Formula 1 cars. Wonderful.

After much research for a new printer, I discovered that they had a new version of the 7400 series due out in June. I prefer the look of their models to the Canon multifunction printers, so thought I’d send hp.com.au a quick email asking when the 7500 series was due out & where I could buy one.

Of course I got the usual “thank for your enquiry, we’ll be in touch” autoresponse. But, over a week later, nothing. Not a peep!

So what can we learn?

Don’t spend money on flashy Ads. Spend it on looking after customers & (if you want more) looking after prospects.

Don’t spend tons of cash trying to get people interested, if all you’re going to do once they identify themselves is to completely ignore them.

And DO listen. Listen when customers speak. Listen when they suggest improvements. Listen when they try to help.

Now get out there & help a customer! (and don’t even think about advertising on tv, at least for another month)

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