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Proof that Search Ads Work with Branding

The results are in! Who would have thunk it, Search Ads actually lift brand awareness!

Google and Ipsos Media CT ran a study last year, crunched the data and found that on average Search Ads make an 80% boost in top-of-mind awareness.
Before pulling out your wallet and giving Google unlimited credit card access you should know this.  Top of mind awareness hovers around 8%.  That 80% booster?  It pushes top of mind awareness to just shy of 15%.

You can read the whole report here, but before you do, forget the numbers for a moment.  All your really need to take away from here is that search makes an impact on branding.

Before Google ran their study this would have been anecdotal, but consider this:

  • A user who types in “work boots” has clearly been subject to various work boot advertising but can’t be bothered to remember a particular brand.
  • The results page could go a long way in reminding that user what they already know about that brand.
  • That one little search ad could trigger facts tucked away deep in their brain. Reminders that might sound something like “Oh Yeah, Blunnies are indeed an iconic Aussie boot!”

This little up swing in top of mind awareness happens at the perfect time for customers who are in the frame of mind to make a purchase.  Reinforcing the need to bid on category keywords!

This is great news for the big brands with massive advertising budgets.  Smaller retailers can take advantage of this in their ad copy.  Mention brands you carry, those mentions have a great chance of triggering your prospects memory and enticing them to your site and ultimately a purchase.

No one is suggesting that Search is the place to start branding, but its an excellent reminder that continuity in both positioning statements and your USP (unique selling position) pay dividends!

Now is a good a chance to evaluate your account and see if you’re bidding on the right terms and see if your copy is mentioning brands. Of course we can always do that for you and much much more!

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