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Possible New GDN Targeting Option?? *Updated*

Is Google trialling a new GDN Targeting Option?

*Update from June 11 at the bottom*

Early this morning, most likely before the sun came up and you were still in bed, WebSavvy’s crack team of engineers were optimising a client account.

While going through the targeting options for this account, the engineer noticed something new. A new targeting option…?

New GDN Targeting Type

A quick scour of the internet resulted in no major announcements from Google. Had more coffee and tried again but found no posts about parental targeting options for the GDN.

Intrigued, we contacted our wicked awesome Google rep. His reply indicated that he heard it from us first!

Only one of our clients has this GDN targeting option so far. Our internal conclusion is that this must be some beta testing, hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

Should this become a reality the potential is mind blowing! Targeting couples without children (therefore couples with time & money) could be a huge benefit to many companies. And of course there is the obvious benefit to business that target kids and new parents.

The Google Display Network could be about to get even more profitably specific!


*Update as of June 11*

It looks as though this feature is only available in the US, our source tells us that only 5% of accounts have it, but by July all US AdWords accounts will have the new parental targeting option.

No word on when the rest of the planet will be given this new option.  This new GDN targeting option is going to help marketers & advertisers further pin point their target markets!

Recently Mike Rhodes, founder of WebSavvy, wrote a post covering targeting techniques, read about it and other GDN strategies here.

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