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Moving Domains From GoDaddy CheatSheet

First the bad news. If you need to move multiple domains, GoDaddy are not going to make it easy for you. Yep, you have to move one at a time.

Also, you should know right at the start (because GoDaddy don’t tell you) if you have changed anything about the domain in the last 60 days you can’t move it. That fact alone is enough for me to really dislike GoDaddy! So if you’ve just registered or renewed a domain tough luck. Even if you’ve just change the registrar’s email address, you’ll have to wait 60 days until you can move it. Not good.

Assuming you haven’t changed anything for a while, here’s how you go about moving it away (don’t wait for the fan to start spinning & the other stuff to start hitting it move your domains earlier rather than later… you’ve been warned)

  1. Log in to GoDaddy, click Domains, then ‘My Domain Names’
  2. Let’s do as much in bulk as we can. By default GoDaddy locks your domains, so the first step is to unlock them 🙂
  3. Hover your mouse over the big black tick & choose ‘select all domains’
  4. Click the ‘Lock’ icon on the nav bar just above the tickgodaddy unlock
  5. Choose unlock & save
  6. Now all domains are unlocked, you’ll have to generate the EPP key or Authorization Code for each one by one.
  7. Click the domain name
  8. At the bottom of the first column, you’ll see the ‘Authorization Code’ link. Click ‘Send by Email’EPP code

Now log in to your new registrar (www.namecheap.com is one I’d recommend based on my experiences so far) & follow the steps there to transfer your domains across. Easy. You’ll get multiple emails from both registrars  follow your nose, they’re all pretty straight forward.

Here’s the last bit that GoDaddy don’t tell you.. you can speed up the transfer rather than wait the standard 5-day ‘cooling off’ period!

Once you’ve accepted the transfer at the new registrar, you’ll (eventually) get an email from GoDaddy asking if you’re sure you want to move. At this point log back into your GoDaddy account & find the ‘Pending Transfers’ link. Now find the Accept/Deny icon & click that. Follow the prompts and accept the move. You’re done.)

accept transfer





So to recap:

  • make sure you haven’t made changes in 60 days
  • unlock the domain first
  • generate the EPP code
  • transfer the domain
  • accept the transfer

Just like everything in life it’s so easy when you know how!

Oh & namecheap very nicely copies across all of your DNS settings, so you don’t have to worry about the hosting side of things….

Unless of course you’ve been using GoDaddy for hosting… but that’s a whole different story…

Good luck!

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