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More useful tools – Browsrcamp

screenshotNot directly related to AdWords or Analytics today, but a very useful tool for those of us who don’t yet own a Mac.

The number of visitors to your website not using Internet Explorer (IE) is growing daily. If you’re site is like most, you’ll have 10-20% using Firefox and another 5-10% using Safari – the browser that Macs use.

Why does this matter to you? If your site doesn’t display correctly on a non-IE browser, it’s costing you in sales, subscribers & readers. In short you’re throwing money away every day. For no good reason!

So take a quick trip over to www.browsrcamp.com, enter your website URL & bingo – you’ll see an image of how your website looks to all those Mac users. You can even choose to see how it looks on various screen sizes! Very useful

And – phew – it looks like WebSavvy passes the test 🙂

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