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More on writing AdWords ads

Here’s more detail about writing your all important ads…

The Headline:

Think of this as the ad for the ad. This is probably about 70 or 80% of the total importance of your ad. A weak headline won’t get a second glance from your prospective visitor.

Capitalising Every Word Of Your Headline usually improves the results.

So does starting with an action verb.

What’s one of the most powerful headlines? A question is a great way to enter the conversation in your prospect’s head. When we ask our brains a question, they just have to find out the answers… so ask away & hint that you have the answers… just a click away.

The Description:

There’s an almost limitless number of techniques to try here. One of the best is to offer a benefit on the first line & a feature on the second.

Most importantly, don’t talk all about yourself. It’s boring & the prospect just doesn’t care … yet.

And add some cadance & rhythm to your ad. Try saying it aloud a few times. Does it roll off the tongue? Or is it a tongue-twister. People respond better to ads that read naturally & easily.

The Display URL:

Google offers you the chance to show a different URL to the one you’re actually going to send people to. Why is this important? Because it means you can test different ones to see which gets the best response rate.

For instance in Australia, you’ll generally get a better response rate if you have a .com.au domain name, as many people will assume a .com is based in America & therefore not as relevant to them (it depends on the product of course)

And as with the headline, using capital letters to MakeTheDomainEasierToRead will also increase your click thru rate.

Tested everything possible? What about subdirectories? example.com/AdWords is probably a more powerful (better) domain to use than just example.com – it makes the searcher more confident that they’re going to find something highly relevant to their search… always a good thing.

Destination URL:

And that relevance is why you should use a different destination URL. Do NOT, under any circumstance send the searcher to your home page. She will lose patience with you & leave. If she’s searching for apples, take her to the page within your site that’s all about apples.

What’s that? You don’t have one? Well, get writing… now – more than ever – targeting ‘Landing Pages’ are very important. Google will actually visit the page that you send searchers to & if it doesn’t think the page is relevant to the search, it’ll charge you more for the click. Sometimes a lot more!

The key with AdWords is to test, test, test.

Your customer is the marketing genius – so let them tell you what works for them.

And listen closely to what they tell you.

Have fun!

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