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Keys to Control New Display Campaigns

How to Keep New Display Campaigns in Line

Starting a new display campaign on the GDN isn’t always a pain free experience.  Especially when there’s little data to rely on.  With this in mind, here are steps to keep your new display campaigns under firm control.

Start with a low budget

1% of your total AdWords budget is a good place to start when it comes to a new GDN campaign.  With this low risk investment you can keep costs under control until you’re happy with the way campaign is performing and can then increase accordingly.

Use these exclusions before you make it live

Let my lend you some of my experience: Unless you’re targeting mobile apps or promoting a mobile app, exclude the following as account level site exclusions.

  • appspot.com
  • adsenseformoblieapps.com

This will reduce the amount of bad traffic that comes to your site.  There’s no value in paying for clicks that don’t engage in your site at all and the above two sites proved the wrong kind of traffic.

The easiest way to do this is to create a campaign placement exclusion list in the Shared Library and apply it to the campaigns you’re running.

Check your devices

Check your device report in Google Analytics before anything.  Most sites have a poor conversion rate on mobile devices, and if yours does too…  Well, create a bid modifier of -100% (that’s minus!) in the settings to exclude mobile devices.

Do this in the Settings > Devices and click on Mobile:

If you’ve got a good mobile conversion rate don’t exclude mobiles!

Auto Rules

These can be very good to ensure nothing goes out of control.  In the campaign level you’ll find the “Automate” tab.

Control Cost & CPA with this rule

  • If cost is greater than $X in the last 90 days AND conversions = ∅

Control CTR with this one

  • If impressions are greater than 5000 in the last 30 days and clicks = ∅

Using AdWords Editor

Campaigns set up in AdWords editor have, by default, display targeting set to “bid only”.  If they are launched in this way, the campaigns won’t run.  Make sure your display targeting is set to “target and bid” if you’re creating a new display campaign in AdWords editor.

Follow this process when you’re creating new Google Display Network campaigns and you’ll keep costs in check!

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