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The iPhone isn’t wonderful

iphoneIt’s bloody amazing. Yes it took 3 days to crack to be able to use here in Australia (if you need help doing the same, let me know) but man has it been worth it.

It’s just such a joy to use. I had lunch today (at the wonderful Corner Store in Richmond – the BLT is amazing) and spent 15 mins chatting with a lovely couple who saw the iPhone & wanted to have a play. It’s a conversation piece, as well as a phone, browser, iPod etc etc!

The lesson for our businesses? How do we make something so mind-blowingly gorgeous (not just to look at, but to use) for our own customers? What benefits/features can we add? More importantly, what can we strip away?

How do we create services that make people smile every time they use them? Please join in & post your thoughts below… we may not have Apple’s funds, but we can certainly start to think like them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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