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How To Showcase Your Best Content

If you’re a regular reader, forgive me – I was replying to Seth’s post via email, and then realised that we designed WebSavvy the way it is because of the exact same problem. So I’m blogging my reply instead  maybe it’ll help a few people in some small way.

Seth wants a (TypePad) plugin to show the best posts from his archives. I couldn’t find one either when I was designing this (WordPress) site, so I asked Jahufar (via rentacoder) to write one for me. Personally I think he did a great job creating the four categories in the sidebar of this blog  please let him know if you agree (or need some programming).

Like Seth, I wanted a way to showcase my most popular content. So I chose four main categories and I can include as many links under each as I like  5 seemed like a good number. I can change the links very easily (Jahufar made it drag & drop so even I can do it) and even change the category and/or graphic if I need to.

Of course I also have a link (top right) to the main archives & as I add more & more content I’ll change the way that works so you can search by month and or category (adwords, analytics etc).

From looking at my own analytics, it seems to work… please let me know if it’s not as good as I think!

Seth I hope this idea sparks something & we all look forward to you bringing The Dip Tour to Australia sometime soon 😉

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