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How To Improve Your Image

I’m sure  you know that Google’s AdWords program lets you show image Ads across Australia… but have you experimented with it?

Some clients have done recently with mixed results.

Obviously I can’t name names, but for a very visual site, say selling bikinis, the increase in traffic has been great and at a fraction of the cost of regular advertising.

Others have had less than stellar results but still, that Ad is being displayed for 25c (in many cases) per thousand views so if you’re interested in getting your name out there, image Ads could be worth a go.

What’s in it for you? You get to build your brand at a very low cost, increase your exposure and, most importantly, only show your Ads where they are ‘contextually relevant’

What does that mean in English?

It means you pick the sites you want your image Ads to appear on.

So how do you do it? Add a list of site names that you know show stuff your prospects read & like. Or enter a list of keywords (just like regular AdWords campaigns) that you want your ad to show up for. Or a bit of both.

So for instance (since Google just did a deal with Fairfax), you might choose www.smh.com.au and www.theage.com.au as two of your sites. Then pick a list of keywords that are relevant to what you sell.
Now your Ad will show on those high traffic, local sites when your chosen words appear in an article (ok  it’s a bit more complicated that that, but this is the simplified version go with me here)

So now you don’t have to go to hundreds of independent websites & design image ads for each. You can just upload your images (animated gif & flash images are fine too) and let Google do the hard work.

There are examples of the various sizes of image ads on Google’s site. So:

  • have a chat with your web designer this week.
  • get an Ad designed (should be less than $200) and
  • give it a try!

You’ve got very little to lose & plenty to gain. You might just get some new customers, and at the very least, you’ll get your brand into a few more minds, so that they respond even better to all of your other advertising.

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