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How to improve really great AdWords Ads

Problem: You’ve got Ads with realy high CTR%

You’ve been split testing your Google Ads for a few months… haven’t you? Of course you have – you’re a smart marketer & wouldn’t dream of having just one Ad running for any of your AdGroups. Good, just making sure.

So… you’ve been split testing… and you’ve worked your way up to a truly great Click Thru Rate (CTR%). You’ve tested headlines, the offer, big changes, tiny changes, different URLs – the lot. Your CTR is in double figures, maybe even in the 20s or 30s…

That best Ad (your control) is just about as good as you think it can get, so you’re scared to mess with it. So how do you improve even further? Do you mess with it, or leave it alone? Is it worth the risk? Here’s a great trick for you to ensure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Show your best Ad more often. But without using the Optimize feature. How? Read on…

Your campaign settings should already be set to Rotate your ads, not Optimize. This ensures each of your Ads in any particular AdGroup show evenly over time & you get a true split test. However, when you come to test a new Ad against a really good control, you don’t want to Rotate the two Ads 50/50. But you also don’t want to Optimize & show the current winner more often – that’s not a fair test. So what are you to do?

The solution is to create 3 or 4 or 5 identical Ads (all the same as your best control ad) and then create your new Ad. Keep showing all of the ads on Rotate. Now the test is fair & even, but your best Ad gets shown 3 or 4 or 5 times for every one time your new Ad is shown.

So you can still rely on the data, but you minimize the risk.

This let’s you try some weird and wacky ideas for new Ads, without the possibility of a sudden drop in traffic that might result from a lower CTR.

So get your thinking cap on, get creative & start testing some totally new ideas. Today.

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