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How to Get Free Traffic to Your Site in 2014

You Can Use YouTube to Generate Free Traffic

Seriously – It’s possible to get free traffic in this day and age.  And it comes with advertising on YouTube.

The art of getting free traffic is all about how you structure your video.

To start with, you want your video to be short enough that people feel they have time to watch it.  And who really  has a spare 10 minutes?  So how long should it be?

No More than 3 minutes

No Less than 31 seconds.

Ideally around 90 seconds.

Any video ad longer than 30 seconds and the advertiser (you) doesn’t pay a thing until the viewer watches past 30 seconds.   What you do in that first 29 seconds can get you free traffic.

There are 3 time stamps to really key in on.

5 seconds – Brand Like You Mean It!

You and I can’t skip the first 5 seconds of a YouTube ad, no matter how hard we click.  This is a great thing for advertisers like you.

In your video the first 5 seconds should be brand heavy.  This way only people who plug their ears and cover their eyes won’t be exposed to your brand messages in the first 5 seconds.  If the viewer clicks “skip”, you don’t pay a thing, plus you’ve just branded for 5 seconds free.  That’s a win.

20-25 Seconds – Cue the Call to Action

This is the point where you want a great big button to appear in the video.  Like this.  (the red arrow added by WebSavvy & note the time stamp!)

Free Traffic via YouTube

Any click on the video will bring the viewer to your site (or wherever the destination URL is directing traffic to).  To activate an action impulse in the viewers brain visual and audio cues go a long way!  The best part, and this is the free part, any click on the video before the 30 second mark is completely free.  Another win!

30 Seconds – You’ve paid for the ad, but it’s not over

You just paid for the view so you may as well make it work for you.  Make hay when the sun shines, so here’s your opportunity to go a bit further into the benefit of your product.  Feature a benefit that may be slightly more complex to convey in 5 to 10 seconds in traditional advertising.  At this point you know you have their attention because they’ve already spent 30 seconds watching you and not the thing they clicked on in the first place.  Go in-depth and tell people how their life is going to be better with your product, the audience is listening.

Do not forget to give an additional call to action at the end of the clip.  This is essential and often overlooked.  Make sure the last thing the viewer sees or hears is the exact thing you want them to do.  You’ve got tell the viewer what to do or it won’t happen.

And if you want even more performance out of YouTube, talk to us.

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