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How AdWords & GA Help Find Constraints

A little while back Mike wrote a blog about business constraints. Roughly summed up – if you can identify the bottleneck and remove it from your business, you will be growing & profiting in no time.

You can use Google’s breakdown of quality score to find out if you’ve got  a profit constraint on your site.   People are visiting the page, leaving quickly and not converting ie, no profit.  If you can fix this, you’ll have cheaper & higher quality traffic converting more often.  This makes for a far better return on your AdWords spend.

Here’s how to use AdWords Quality Score data to help identify parts of your business that are underperforming.

When you’re working on optimizing your account (like we do regularly at WebSavvy for all our clients) you may stumble across a quality score looking like this:


This keyword is on the brink of getting ‘mates rates’ from Google, a high quality score results in big discounts on clicks.  This keyword is generating traffic, and the ad copy is good but the landing page is dragging the score down.

There’s either a disconnect between your landing page content & keyword or this rating may indicate a constraint in your business. You’ll need to investigate further.

An aside – sadly a recent conversation with Google revealed that there will be no changes to the interface with regards to indepth searching of quality score components.  You have to investigate each keyword individually to get the Q-score breakdown.

But back to finding out if this landing page is really a constraint of the business.  Fire up Google Analytics and compare the AdWords traffic Data with non AdWords traffic.  If the average bounce rate is far higher & average time on site lower with adwords than other sources… chances are you’re targeting poor leads.  A good temporary fix for your Q-score would be to change the destination url to a more relevant page.

If the adwords bounce rate & time on site are consistently as poor as all other traffic sources, you have found a bottleneck in your business.  This page isn’t working, it’s restricting your profits.  This is a great place to start working on optimising that page for conversions.

But before you start making major changes – check your competitors to see if your offer is competitive. If your offer is priced out of the market, no amount of optimising is going to help!

Follow these points for a conversion boost – but ideally you’ll test each of these, and keep testing!

  • Devote each page to one message.  Don’t mix products or services – give them the space they need!
  • Write a headline that pulls people in and makes them read more
  • Make sure the benefits stand out – bullet points and bold the copy!
  • Make it easy to read – appropriate fonts, sizes & colours
  • Write a strong call to action.  Make it obvious for the user to know how to buy.
  • Big clear buttons – try inviting phrases rather than ‘click here’!

Using the tools & data available with AdWords & Analytics, you can find and eliminate problems on your site & business.  When you’ve got pages converting well, your Quality Score will increase (costing less for traffic).  That creates a happy cycle!

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