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Hack Facebook’s Relevance Score


Facebook recently announced they’ve reached their two millionth advertiser.  And as they grow, they’re taking a few tips from the only other bigger online advertising platform – Google AdWords.


Facebook has made publicly available “Relevance Score”, a way to evaluate if your ads are going to the correct audience.  If you’re familiar with AdWords, you’ll find this pretty comforting since Google has a similar indicator with their Quality Score metric.


Relevance Score works very similarly to Quality Score.  If you’ve got a high relevance score you’re likely going to pay less for clicks and your ad is going to have a larger reach.  The opposite is also true, a lower score costs you more for clicks and your ad/post/video won’t reach as many eyeballs.  So clearly a high relevance score is worth it, and I’ve discovered a quick hack to  help boost the score.  But first…

How is Relevance Score Calculated?


Facebook evaluates positive feedback with negative feedback, see’s how the ad is performing (think CTR and meeting the campaign objective of clicks, views etc)  and then gives you a score out of 10.

Just what does “positive” & “negative” feedback mean?


Positive feedback. The number of times we expect people to take a desired action, such as sharing or liking your advert, or help you achieve your objective, such as visiting your website.”


Negative feedback. The number of times we expect people to hide your advert or indicate a negative experience, such as choosing not to see adverts from you.

So if your ad gets positive feedback like social engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares – you should expect your score to be good, your costs come down and sleep better knowing your ads are going to the right audience.

Negative Feedback is a bit harder to quantify as it isn’t readily viewable like the positive feedback is in the Facebook reporting options.  You can’t easily discover how many times your ad was hidden or if people select the option to not see your ads.  I’d certainly like to find this metric! (let me know in the comments if you know how)

Improve your relevance score without touching your ad!

Notice the word action in the definition of Positive feedback.

Actions can be social engagement – but they can also be conversions.  Conversions are triggered by Facebook’s Audience pixel they fall under the actions aspect of positive feedback.


Most Facebook Campaigns are often only recording one kind of conversion, sales.  Facebook offers far more types of conversions to track.

In the example above, Adds to cart are helping the relevance score.  Easy to do on an ecommerce site, but not so much for a Lead gen business.

Simply adding pixels like “Key Page Views” to your sales page or key content on your site should increase your relevance score.  Make sure that the Ad is tracking more than one pixel at the Ad level too!

Adding a pixel to all pages is a tempting proposition, but may not help you accurately use relevance score to evaluate your audience.


What is a Good Relevance Score?

According to the developers side of Facebook a score of 1 or 2 is low, 3-6 is medium and 7 to 10 is high.

Someone who should know suggested that the average relevance score is less than 5, so if you can keep your account average above that, you should be paying less for ads!

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