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Google Analytics Gets a FaceLift

Google Analytics DashboardIt’s coming in just a few more days to a Google Analytics account near you… the new, easier to use, feature-packed, customizable analytics tool from the big G.

With what looks to be a Google Finance type graph, dashboards that you can customize (clients will love this!) and, at last, emailable reports just like AdWords – this promises to be a decent leap forward in usability of this already incredibly useful tool.



I hope that it means more businesses will start to use Analytics – as Avinash Kaushik told Jeremiah the other day, using analytics can make a huge (5000%!) impact on the profitability of a company.

Start small, learn one thing a week – but start.

As soon as this lands in Australia, I’ll have more video guides for you – as always, drop me a line to let me know which videos you’d like to see & I’ll do my very best to help 🙂

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