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Find & Replace Keywords – The Easy Way

If you’ve been using AdWords for more than a couple of weeks, you’ve probably had cause to want to change the spelling of some of your keywords.

Maybe it’s to correct an error, or maybe you’d like to be able to cut & paste a group of words, then change them – let’s look at an example.

Image you had a group of ‘dog’ keywords. Your AdGroup was well organised, the keywords working well. Now you want to create a new group with similar keywords, but for cats, not dogs. To do this in AdWords is a real pain. Using AdWords Editor takes a few seconds.

So in today’s video I’ll walk you through an example: how I easily corrected a keyword that I’d misspelt during the account setup. It’s just like using Microsoft Word, you can find & replace text in seconds. You can even use it to change your URLs – not just the keywords. Very handy.

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