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Content Marketing: In-house or farm out?


No-one knows your clients better than you, so who better to be in charge of the impression you leave on them.
But great content involves more than writing and posting – it’s sandwiched between doing the right research and effective promotion of the finished product to ensure you are reaching your target audience.

Right now you’re probably thinking you don’t have time to do your own content marketing, and keep your business running along. How are you supposed to come up with regular ideas, time to execute them and stay over it along with everything else?

It’s really tempting to pay for outsourced content. With a seemingly lower cost in time and cash.

Actually, you’ll save time

Think about how long it would take to educate an external person or agency, not only about your business, but your industry too. You and your team have the best understanding of your clients behaviour and social platforms they prefer to use as you’re already talking and listening to them on a daily basis. Having someone in-house dedicated to managing your content marketing allows you to respond in real time to your clients rather than going via a 3rd party.

Your content experts are closer than you think

Your employees are in-house experts and already help to create the overall voice of your business due to their daily interaction with clients. They bring their own unique talents and ideas (after all, that’s why you hired them) yet share your passion and company values. Their extensive knowledge of the business will always exceed that of an external agency who only have a limited creative brief to go on – and it’s not called a ‘brief’ ‘for nothing!

You’ll be seen as an expert

Establishing yourself as an authority can do wonders for your reputation! Answering your clients common questions, sharing your expertise and offering solutions to their problems makes your content invaluable.

You’ll develop a rapport by interacting and educating your readers. They’ll trust you, and your business.

A plan will keep you on track

Remember how important your business plan was when you were starting your company? A content marketing strategy, including creating a content calendar, is essential. Plan how and when to deliver your company’s message to your clients to capitalise on upcoming events relevant to your industry, or to coincide with changes or new projects being implemented in your business. Scheduling your posts regularly allows you to become reliable to your followers and you can cater to their time zones.

Ultimately, your website and social content should replicate how you already speak to your clients when they call, or the way you interact with them when they visit your business. So trust your own voice and start writing.

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