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Compelling Reasons to Keyword Stuff Your Ads

AdWords Ad Copy Performance is Greatly Impacted by Keyword Stuffing.

When it comes to adwords ad copy, several creative writers have considered giving up the craft entirely.  Headlines like “buy sheets online” vastly outperform more out of the box (and traditionally successful) lines like “Sleep like a king”.


It’s because one’s stuffed with keywords and the other isn’t.  It really is that simple.


Keyword Stuffing is a tried, tested and true method to boost your click through rate (CTR).  The benefits are big.  Your quality score is affected in 2 ways.

  1. The Keyword will get a boost in the ad relevance factor
  2. The term will be bolded on the search page, drawing the eye (and mouse or finger) to your ad.  The resulting click will increase your CTR improving the “expected click-through rate” factor.


Ads without keyword stuffing can work. BUT… they won’t benefit initially from the ad relevance factor in the quality score.  If the ad is well crafted, clearly outlining the benefit with a strong call to action, people will click on it.  The ad will eventually get the benefit of a higher “expected click-through rate”, but this will take months to test, not weeks.  Who has the time for that?

For the best short term results keyword stuff all your ads.  Sounds like a daunting task, but it’s worth the extra effort.  Because this is what we all want to see, especially on our non-brand terms!

   Key Word Stuffed Ads

Keyword Stuff the headline

It may seem very obvious, but having a keyword in a headline results in a huge boost in clicks.

CTR Keyword in Headline & No Keyword

I recently tested new adcopy to see what would happen when the exact keyword was in the headline vs a partial keyword in the headline.  In this case the keyword is “Bedroom Furniture”. same description lines & display URL’s of course.  The results, as you can see below, are significant.

CTR & Positon

That’s a rather big jump in CTR, and notice the increase in page position as well.  Even a creative type like me can tell that 2 is better than three in regards to position!  The exact Keyword had a higher conversion rate & lower CPA too – those are high level goals that getting a good CTR can help reach.
The next steps… test the Keyword with surrounding copy in the headline to make it even more appealing. Early results from tests with “Bedroom Furniture Deals” and “Modern Bedroom Furniture showed improvements over simply the exact keyword.


Don’t forget to Keyword Stuff the Display URL


Unless you’ve got a URL like www.superlongdomainnamesaregreat.com.au (not a real site – I checked) you can stuff a keyword in your display URL.


You can nix the “W’s” and give yourself 4 extra characters.  At the end of your display url is a great way to sneak in your keyword or part of it.  Here it seems like you’ve got a dedicated page to the exact search query the user entered!  It’s far better if you do, but even if you don’t – it’s a good way to get traffic.


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Keyword stuffing isn’t the most satisfying for creatives & copywriters, but it gets results.  There is a positive for writers though.  You get to test and test and test, really learning what works and doesn’t work.  For each product or service you can find ways to dress up your keyword stuffing to really target the customer is ready to buy, but just needs that extra enticement.  Because after all, clicks are great but profits are greater!




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