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Changes to Google Analytics

share the wisdom - Changes to Google Analytics

Google has shared a rundown of some changes for GA!

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the things discussed at the GA Summit

1) A complete revamp of how Google Analytics measures the Ecommerce experience.  This beta version will make the product performance report  more powerful.  Including additional details like:

  • Refunds you had to issue,
  • Rate at which users add products to their carts
  • Purchases after having viewed product-detail pages etc.

2) Give you the ability to measure internal and external marketing efforts

  • Shows eComm details for affiliate sites that drive customers to your site,
  • Lets you determine how effective your coupons are
  • See how internal promotions are being used within your site
    (More about these two points at

3) Overall better reporting to gain deeper insights with new and improved channel groupings for attribution modeling.

4) Even more goodies for GA premium users. 4 new APIs to help you save you time and increase productivity!

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