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Are You a Google Gun-Slinger?

eureka reportThere was an article in yesterday’s Age newspaper from a very well respected journalist, James Kirby, editor of the excellent Eureka Report (an Investment Advisory service started by Alan Kohler of whom I’m a huge fan).

In the article he describes Google as juvenile, highlights a current court case with the ACCC, compares Google to the “wild west” with “few rules” and then bemoans the fact that his company is spending up to $30,000 a month.

He also states that when a company’s Ad appears on the right-hand side of Google, that company has “paid handsomely to get there”!

Mr Kirby I’ve got news for you, you’re not doing it properly!

What’s more

he’s paying consultants to tell him “how to spend that money” and wonders if they should be running this advertising campaign in-house. Of course he should!

The information and insight that a company can gain about its customers & potential market by using Google AdWords is huge. If you’re spending even $1000 a month, never mind $30k, you MUST have this information inside the organisation. It’s just too valuable to hand over to someone else to run. Someone with no vested interest in seeing the company grow by putting this vital wisdom to use.

So why would you whinge about the amount you’re spending. Either it works for you or it doesn’t. If it works, wonderful increase your budget!

If not, test, experiment, try something different! One of the wonderful things about AdWords is the absolute flexibility that it gives you. You can change your daily budget, try your Ads in different positions, alter your bid price, change your Ad text  all in a matter of seconds!

So Mr Kirby, are you tracking what’s working & what’s not? Are you changing your tests based on those results? Do you need to train someone in-house?

So is Google the Wild West? Not a chance (you should have seen it 3 years ago!). But is it a new frontier? Absolutely. After all, where else in the world can you get your company in front of a potential future client for a few cents at a time.

If you need help with your AdWords account, contact WebSavvy today. We’ll make sure your investment is made the right way & you won’t pay handsomely for the advice either.

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