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Are ‘Call Only’ Campaigns Right For You?

 Call only Campaigns are here

Ever since AdWords announced the new Call Only campaigns at the end of February there’s been some uncertainty about them.  This should clear up some ideas about the new campaign type.

For many industries, business transactions only need a phone call.  This new setup sidesteps what could be a cumbersome website experience.  Not everyone on a smart phone is going to be able to navigate even the best sites.  A phone call is a much simpler way of getting the business.

 A fantastic example of this is a restaurant.  Booking a table is going to be a far better user experience if your customer can simply speak to you.  Call Only campaigns are an easy way to ensure your ads are only going to appear on a mobile.

There is excellent potential for lowering the CPA of your campaigns.  Each click is a converted click, so it should be easy to evaluate on the front end as well as the back end of your business.

You’ll also want to bid far more aggressively.  Each click is a guaranteed enquiry, so with a higher bid you can ensure your ads are showing in the top spots more consistently on the mobile search results page.

Speaking of the Ads – Make sure you tailor the Call Only campaign creative to entice a call.  Things like “Speak to a specialist today!” and “Call to Book a Table Now” (going back to our restaurant example).  A great aspect to highlight is if you have a call centre and the user is going to actually speak to a person, not an automated messaging service.

One thing to consider that is completely outside of AdWords.  How effective are your customer service staff?  If they’re positive, helpful and polite, you’ll find great results.  Anything less and you risk a negative user experience, and people are far more likely to remember an abrupt or difficult interaction with your staff than they are with your website.

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