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Analytics: Goal Funnel Now Easier

Small FunnelYou’ve probably read a lot about the recent upgrade to Google Analytics.

Hopefully you’re already using it to track the changes you make on your website & ensure that that all important conversion rate gets better and better over time.

So today, here’s a quick look at one of the reports that’s had a makeover, the Goal Funnel Report.

You can easily see where the holes are in your website & exactly how many people are dropping out of them! Then you can use the 80/20 rule to prioritise: and patch up the largest holes first.

Every hole you fix means more conversions, more happy customers & more profit.

The example below starts at the beginning of the checkout process as this client’s current store software doesn’t allow Google Analytics to be added to each page (yes, we will migrate to a more sensible solution very soon!). Even so, the report clearly shows that the checkout page needs some improvements (remind buyer of benefits, larger product image, less navigation options etc). While the Ship/Pay page is obviously working very well.

Which pages on your site do you need to track? What one thing could you tweak today (right now!) to help improve your conversion rate just that little bit?

Goal Funnel

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