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AdWords Cheatsheet

A quick cheatsheet to help you remember all the things you need for a successful Adwords campaign…  Grab this cheatsheet for auditing your account!

Do you need one or more campaigns?
Which countries/languages?
Go local? Can you sell outside your local area?
Daily budget? Set for each campaign. Start as high as you can.
Remove search/content network? (Content Network can lower your CTR & hurt your overall campaign)

Ad groups
Split keywords into groups/themes
Keep as narrow & tightly defined as possible
Don’t use too many industry terms or jargon, focus on the keywords your prospects use

Start as high as you can afford
How does changing the bid affect your return?

Tools: Wordtracker.com, Google’s built in keyword tool
Remember negative keywords
Use thesaurus to help brainstorm

How affected by bid price?
How much can you afford?
Not #1 (too many click-happy people)
Positions 4-6 usually give best results

Writing your ads 3 parts
Headline (25 characters)
As relevant to keywords as possible (benefit of bold type)
State a benefit
Capitalise Every Word
Power of builds your…better than build your…
Look at competitors

Body copy (2 lines, 35 chars each)
Try one line for benefit & 1 for feature.
Experiment with price, no price
If expensive kw, try negative qualifier
Again power of
Use words they used in search why such small groups/themes

Display url (35 characters)
Different from destination url
Use capitals to make it easier to read
Advanced techniques sub-domains, sub-directories

Split testing 
Always have 2 Ads per AdGroup (even if it’s exactly the same ad, but with 2 lines reversed!)
When you have a new winner (after about 50 clicks), delete the loser & write new ad
Use SplitTester.com to check how sure you are that you have a winner

Key to the whole game & the only way to improve
Use Google Analytics to track results
Start by watching ROI! want to make sure its worth doing!
Have half a dozen key numbers that you track once a week

Landing page
Now a key part of Google formula
Must send visitors to a targeted/relevant page, otherwise the same traffic will cost a lot more
If you can think of a theme for the AdGroups, you should have a landing page for each one remember the key is as relevant as possible for your visitor

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