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AdWords Campaign Optimizer – Automatic Improvement?

A new feature has been added to Google AdWords over the weekend – it’s called Campaign Optimizer.

Log in to your account & click into the Campaign that you’d like to improve. At the top of the screen you’ll see a link ‘Campaign Optimizer’ next to the campaign name.

It’s worth taking a quick look – don’t worry, you’re not locked into any changes; you can cancel any suggestions Google makes (which you probably will!)

Follow the prompts & you’ll see a screen like this:


Hmmm – not all that helpful!

Basically Google wants me to increase my bids – many of them should double apparently – and add some vaguely related keywords.

I’m a little disappointed to see Google head down this path. I’m sure they will improve the tool & this is probably early days. But this won’t instill confidence in new advertisers. It just looks like another money grab by the big G.

This particular account is pretty well optimized & brings the client about a 5000% return on investment! The groups of keywords have been carefully chosen & the bids adjusted weekly for the past two months based on the Analytics data that we insist clients get.

Doubling these bid prices would result in very few extra clicks a day (we’re consistently in position 1 or 2 anyway!), a lower ROI, probably no extra sales… and the added keywords would bring in the wrong type of searcher for this product.

My advice to you: have a play with the tool, but don’t implement the changes. Hire a human being, not a computer, to optimize your account, and go back to working on your business.

Good luck!

* Note to other AdWords Professionals – you can’t access this feature through the Client Centre. You have to log into an individual account – just like using Google Website Optimizer (grrrr).

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