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AdWords Automations Make for an Easier Life



The last thing anyone wants to do on a weekend is change AdWords ads because a sale ends midnight Saturday.  And when you think about it, writing copy, pausing ads and paying attention to details aren’t things best done in the tiny hours of Sunday morning.


The only thing worse than stumbling through an adwords interface on a weekend? Explaining to a customer that the sale is over and that deal is no longer valid. Explaining that to a client who has the very same issue with their customers is no enjoyable prospect either.


You can avoid all this by combining labels and AdWords Automations.


Automations pause ads related to a sale or promotion & replace them with generic ads for you. The labels make it easy to assign the automation, and provide the vital aspect of making sure it all worked once its over!



Here are the steps that’ll take the pain away!

A scenario that might sound familiar: You have a promotion set to run for a brief period of time, 5 days ending at 5pm Sunday evening.


Determine Where the Promo Ads Go


The best spot for your promotion is most likely in your brand campaign.  If the promotion is relevant to certain keywords, make sure you include those too! For instance if you have a sale on stilettos, any ad group with a keyword ‘stiletto’ is a good place for your sale ads.  Slippers… not so much.



Label Everything


Label your existing ads in your chosen ad group(s) now. Select the ads you want to return to after your promotion and call them something. (“Standard Ads” sounds good for this example!)






Now load your promotion ads into the adgroups. If you’re doing this on a large scale, AdWords Editor is your friend and time saver.


Label your promotion ads like you did with your existing ads.  Calling them something that identifies them as a temporary ad helps, like “Stiletto Sale”.


You should have two labels in your ad groups, making it easy to identify the promotion ads from your go to ads.



Automate step 1: Make sure you standard ads come back!

With your promotion under way pause your standard ads, select them and click on “automate” and “enable ads when…” you’ll get this screen:


Enable Ads Screen



You’ll now find yourself with your automate options. If you’ve selected the ads that you want to enable, you don’t need any “Requirements” as this action applies to the ads you’ve selected.  (If you’re working from the ads tab in “All online Campaigns” you can make the requirement the ads with corresponding label.)


Frequency should be set to “One time” and make sure you select date and time this will happen. (in this example – Sunday at 5.)


Preview and make sure everything looks right and hit save.


Automation Step 2: Pausing your Sale Ads

Apply the same process to your sale ads, except make sure to use the “Pause Ads When…” Automation – you’ll see these options:

Pause Ads Screen



You’ll notice the promotion ads pause the exact same time as the standard ads are enabled.


Now you can enjoy your Sunday afternoon, knowing that your promotion ads won’t run over time and you won’t spoil the last day of the weekend changing ads!




 If you’re really organized with promotion ads ready before the promotion starts, there’s an extra hurdle.  Start with your promotion ads paused – automate them to be enabled when the promotion starts and automate your standard ads to pause.  You’ll then have to set a reminder to reverse that automation process while the promotion is going.




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