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A Quick Guide to Outsourcing

If you haven’t already tried elance or rentacoder you need to go & take a look.

For as little as $5/hr you can get some really amazing people to do much of the work you need. These guys and girls are from all over the world, some are students, some work full time almost all will provide you with great service. The way these sites work is a little like ebay only with the price going down, not up!

First sign up for an account (it’s free), then post your project.So, for example, if you wanted a new sales page created for your site, you’d write out the specifications you want to copywriter to stick to & probably show them examples of the type of thing you’d like.  So you might include a list of other websites, your existing copy, maybe even a list of questions that you’ve collected from your customers (so they know what appeals to your customers emotionally).

Then you choose the category you’d like your project shown in & pick a deadline for both the completion of the bidding process & for how long you want the job to take.Submit the project for approval (by a human editor to make sure the rules aren’t abused), then sit back & wait usually not for very long! If it’s a popular area (like web design) you’ll start getting quotes within minutes of your project being approved.

Many different specialists will make bids to complete the project for you. They can’t see each other’s bids so you’ll usually get quite a few low ones & the odd high bid. Each provider or coder has a rating next to their name that is an average score given to them by past project owners like you. If they do a great job, they might get 9 or 10 out of 10. If not, they’ll get a lower score. What’s great is that you can read the rating & comments of all the previous projects they’ve worked on & get a really good idea how reliable they’re going to be.

Then when you’ve chosen a provider, place the amount of the bid into an escrow account using your credit card. This ensures that they can’t access your money until both sides are satisfied that the project is complete. Your money is totally safe.  It’s a great system, and one that will save you hours of frustration & potentially hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

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