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3 Tips to Control Your Search Queries

First You Control the Search Queries, Then You Control the Conversions!

So the WebSavvy secret is out. That secret is basically our root philosphy: endeavor to manage our clients based on profit, any increase in spend is aimed at increasing profits by getting more conversions.

But here’s where it gets tricky. How do you get more conversion volume out of your account? Increasing bids, or widening targeting options come with the risk of a quick rise in cost without a corresponding boost in sales. There’s no point in spending more if that spend is going to eat into your profits.

At WebSavvy we make use of our “SavvyNumber™” which lets us optimise an account very quickly as its part of our system to create structured and controllable AdWords accounts. This structure gives greater success in that tricky aspect of getting more conversion volume. Even without this structure you can get more conversion volume out of your account by doing a bit of digging.

The key is control over search queries. As much control as possible!

To do this, you need to take a look at the data the “Dimensions” tab gives you. Change the view to “Search Terms” and follow these 3 steps to help keep a good grip on your account

1) Create the correct match types. Look at the search queries that your broad or phrase match keywords are creating. You’re likely to see both high performance and low performance search queries. Round up what is working and bin the ones that aren’t!

2) Make specific ad groups for your keywords. This lets you control which landing pages you send your traffic. You can also make the ad copy very specific and try to appeal to people who are in the buying phase. This has a positive effect on your quality score too, improving ad relevance and landing page experience!

3) Negative Keywords. Don’t waste budget on keywords that bring in the wrong traffic. Effective negative keywords will cut down on your CPA, and give you more room for profit! Note that the goal is not to reduce CPA, but to make profit!

Making these changes and you should be able to coax a little more conversion volume out of AdWords.

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