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3 Crucial Checks for Smooth Running Accounts

Ongoing Adwords Management

Ongoing campaign management.  I’ll admit, this sounds so tedious you probably considered stopping reading.  But really this is something that helps you test, measure & improve results.  Setting up campaigns and hoping everything will be just fine is a little like letting the inmates run the asylum.


How do you action this ongoing management?  It’s just like how you go about eating an elephant – one piece at a time.


At WebSavvy we have 3 avenues for ongoing management – Checks, Expansion & Optimizing.  We go down each road with our clients accounts, regularly.


I’ll reveal our Checks process, none of it is too shocking however, neglect these checks the rest of your management is going to be like pushing bricks up hill.


Check Conversion Tracking

checks blog1

might be a problem here…

Conversion tracking is easy to set up, but even easier to break.  Any changes to page URL’s will instantly cease your conversion tracking.  A good idea after any site change is a quick conversion audit to ensure all your code is in place and updated accordingly.


A check through the conversion process is always a good idea.  Working tracking code on the thanks page is useless if the code on the lead capture form is broken.


Web dev’s are notorious for deleting tracking code, and it would be great to get really angry at them except they almost are always trying to tweak your site to make it better.  It always pays to be nice to web developers.


Check the Campaign Settings

checks blog

If you’re the only one that has admin access to your campaigns these shouldn’t change too much, unless you like to hit up AdWords after a big night out… but then you’ve likely got other issues to sort out.


With multiple admins on an account it’s sensible to do a quick sweep of your settings to make sure nothing has been adjusted, paused or reset.  Having an account back up schedule can help reset your settings, and save lots of time if there is major mayhem.


Check Landing Pages


This is where your customer is arriving, put yourself in their shoes and this check will pay dividends.  Try to think that you’re coming to the page for the first time.  A dead link is the fastest way to kill a sale.  Few customers will stick around if there is bad or broken formating.

Does the adcopy match the page well?  If not, are there better pages to substitute?  Does the promise on the ad match the landing page?  Is the page clear on what the visitor is expected to do?


Making these checks routine will pay off in the long run and help avoid lengthy downtime & the associated losses that come with it!


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