[How to] Anonymous Google Placements

Have you ever seen anonymous.google on a managed placement report?
Annoying right? You’re spending your money to show ads on a site, but that site has decided not to share data with you… nah, let’s fix that.
Using a little Analytics workaround, you can discover *exactly* which sites your ads are showing on

The first step is to “peel and stick” your actual anonymous.google site address into its own AdGroup
For instance, if the actual URL that Google shows you is 7d63e18288963dc8.anonymous.google then
build a new AdGroup in a managed placements campaign called exactly that.
Allow that to gather some data (which might take a couple of days, or a couple of months depending on budgets)

Now that you have that data confined to one particular AdGroup, we can move to Analytics & pull some interesting data.

Navigate to the appropriate profile in your Analytics account & open it up.
The way to make this really easy is to create an ‘Advanced Segment’
That’s hiding right at the top of your Analytics, click it, then click ‘New Custom Segment’

Give your segment a name
Then change the metric (the green dropdown box) to “Ad Group”
And set the rule to be ‘including’ the first part of that anonymous.google domain
eg 7d63e18288963dc8 (you can use the same thing as the segment name)

Next test the segment & make sure that you have some data
Save the segment & it automatically is applied to your profile

Now to find out which site that URL is really for.
Navigate to the report:
Traffic Sources > Advertising > AdWords > Placements

You should see ‘Managed Placements’ in the table below the chart (you might also see automatic placements – depending on how you chose to set AdWords up)

Now click into that Managed Placement
& voila, it will now tell you which site you’ve been showing ads on

Easy right!
So thank Google for making this as difficult as you do – but hey, at least it’s not completely hidden!

Mike Rhodes

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