Thank you for purchasing a Facebook Ads Audit

Can you feel it? We’re almost there!

To get things started, the WebSavvy team just need some more details about your business.

How to give us Facebook Access (if applicable) Please follow the steps below:

  1. Head to business manager settings for partners or agencies –
  2. Hit the “add” button.
  3.  Copy the WebSavvy Agency ID – 10154331519320051 and assign the ad account and any offline event sets or catalogs in use.
  4. Advertiser access is preferred, analyst is ok.
  5. Set the time frame you’d like us to dig into such as last quarter, month etc.

Please fill out the below information. Then once you press submit we will be in touch with next steps via email!

  • Any known demographics, behaviours etc
  • We only need countries/continents
  • E.g Growth, efficiency? Measure of success for digital marketing - CPA/ROAS?

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