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Smart Shopping Success with Swimwear Galore Case Study

Smart Shopping Success with Swimwear Galore Case Study

The Problem
Swimwear Galore has worked with WebSavvy for 12 years (in fact, they were our 2nd ever client!), but we never get complacent with our clients – whether they are new or legacy friends. Being one of Australia’s best-loved retailers of swimwear, Swimwear Galore’s growth was steady but we saw bigger opportunity to grow during their off-peak season. 


Our Action
The main thing was implementing Google’s AI to free up time for strategy.

We tested a Smart Shopping campaign with amazing results. This was a brand new Google feature (untested) that had only been launched 2 months before. The experiment was conducted at a quieter time of the year for Swimwear Galore meaning we were ready for the busy swimwear season in Summer.


The Results

The original manual shopping campaigns in April and May had an avg ROAS 7.12. 

The NEW Smart Shopping campaign, in June and July had a ROAS of 8.16 and revenue increased by 65%. 

We then used the time we would have spent manual bidding (traditional GAds strategy) on feed optimisation instead, which supported the Smart Shopping campaign.

Business Growth

November – January 2017 vs 2018 results: 

  • Cost: Decreased by $100
  • ROAS: 6.96% improvement
  • Revenue: 7.13% increase

Websavvy spent $100 less and made $100K more than the prior year.