Starting is easy when perfection isn’t the finish line

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It’s so easy to talk yourself out of starting a task because you think you won’t be able to finish it perfectly. A barrier of procrastination and self doubt usually sets in where you unnecessarily stress over the ‘perceived’ complexity of the task until finally you convince yourself that you probably don’t know enough yet to even make an attempt.


That’s the problem with striving for perfection;

it’s often at the expense of making progress.


But by shifting your goal, and focus, to the completion of the task rather than its perfection can not only be liberating (and attainable) but also provide the opportunity to learn some new skills.


As an example, I recently created my first lead funnel. It’s a free video training series which was advertised via Facebook to promote our membership site.


Now I could have spent ages trying to create the world’s greatest funnel sequence, but let’s face it, if I had waited to get it done perfectly it still wouldn’t be running! Instead I just dived in and created it very quickly, tested it, and then launched. I know pretty scary, right?

But stay with me……


By launching, getting feedback and collecting data I was able to quickly see where improvements could be made to the content and structure. It wasn’t until it was running that I could see how to further expand on the funnel.


I then came up with better ideas on how to optimise its performance based on how our leads were performing. I’ve also now been able to create several more sales funnels based on the first one we launched, as well as additional remarketing campaigns.


Now of course there is some pre-planning that goes into sales funnels, understanding your customer’s needs and the different communication style, the offer and price etc. However I wasn’t going to know if I’d planned correctly unless I launched and listened to the feedback from the customer or the data. It was only then that I was in a better position to make the appropriate changes and optimise accordingly.

I didn’t need to wait until I became the world’s leading expert on funnels before I took the first step. The knowledge I needed came from actually just taking those initial steps.


And with the time saved by not doubting my funnel skills or second guessing myself, I’ve had time to write this blog post to help you!


So go on jump in, get your hands dirty and make a start on whatever you have been putting off. The worst that can happen is you’ll get stuff done and learn a whole lot on the way.

Now is that really so bad?



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