Identify the Pathways to Conversion

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 There are 2 ways you get customers on your site, improve those and you improve your bottom line.

This is the second blog about improving your site without tearing it down and building a new one.  I introduced the idea of Intelligent Web Design – taking your existing site and making it perform more efficiently.   Testing is the key to increasing site performance

The goal of Intelligent Web Design is simply to make your website more efficient:

A site that is more efficient gets more conversions (sales) out of the traffic you already have.

The key to understanding your site’s efficiency is tracking the number 1 objective – the conversion.  Once you understand the pathways that your traffic takes to converting, then you can start improving your site’s efficiency, and therefore the profitability of your whole business.

Conveniently there are only really 2 ways people can complete a conversion on your site, and they both need to be tracked so you can properly measure success:.

  1. Phone Calls
    • People see your number and contact you.  If you can tell how many people are calling you from your website you’ll have a good idea of the call conversion rate. The number of calls generated can be influenced by things like phone number visibility, the text next to the number (“Call Us Today!”)  or something as simple as the size of the font!  (testing variations of course)
  2. Form Fills
    • the only other way for your site to make a conversion is going to involve a form.  It might be a contact form or a checkout form, either way people will be using a form and you can track that conversion rate easily.

That’s it.  There are only 2 pathways your site can creative a conversion.  So these 2 areas are where you should start to make changes.

Here’s a real example of Intelligent Web Design

A client of WebSavvy’s was spending over $1 million dollars a year on AdWords.  Therefore a significant number of visitors that would have seen this form.

Changing 4 fields in this form meant a 20% increase in the conversion rate.

What does a 20% increase mean? Well, when you’re spending $1m on marketing, that one test potentially saved this client $200,000. Not bad for some thinking time & a bit of data analysis.

Changing one pathway to conversion considerable improved business.

So now it’s your turn. What can you do to make your site more efficient?

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