‘How To Build a Brand Customers Rave About’ – Flying Solo with Ces Busby podcast.

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WebSavvy’s very own Head of Growth – Trevor Henselwood – recently featured on the podcast: Flying Solo with Ces Busby talking about how to build a brand customers rave about.

In this chat, Trevor covers everything from what makes a good brand message, to how you measure awareness marketing and importantly, how to budget for it. 

“…When you’re making an investment in your marketing, think about other places that you’re making an investment. So in, say, your super funds, usually you have a diverse strategy where you have some which are safe investments, some which are risky, and some which are maybe in the middle of the road. I’d look at your marketing budget breakdown like that, having that little piece that is for maybe not tomorrow or next week, but it’s investing in the future.”

Check out the full episode here. 


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