Google Analytics

Do you really trust your data? Without accurate, ‘clean’ data you’re flying blind. Which means your decisions are based on broken assumptions, your website is losing leads and sales & leaving money on the table. We want to help you fix that

The problem with data these days is not that things can’t be measured, but that everything can

Those little square ads work because people get to see your products before they click – they also see the price and a brief description. This means clicks turn into buyers far more often than with many other types of ads. And, of course, you only pay when someone clicks your ad (not just looks at it!) The types of product you sell will determine how many extra visitors you get every day; it could be dozens, it could be many thousands.

You need to make decisions based on data. To provide evidence.

To back up those stories. Maybe even to “falsify a hypothesis” if you’re a bit hipster. But how do you know the data is accurate. And do you really need 108 different metrics & charts every day? Probably not. We think what you really need are a handful of numbers – numbers you can trust – presented in a clear way. So you can grab those insights when you need them & take action on them!

We want to help you with that – give us a call today & tame your data!



Measurement Strategy

Design your ‘measurement strategy’ to help you get clear on exactly what you need to measure, why & how


Account Analysis

Account, Property & View analysis


User Management

User management audit


Google Tag Manager Audit

Google Tag Manager Audit to ensure code is correct & working 100%


Settings Diagnosis

Analytics settings diagnosed, the good & the bad



Ecommerce tracking audit


Set Up Review

Full Review of Existing Setup


Link Review

Linking to Google Adwords


What’s included in an Analytics Audit


What’s included Analytics Training


What’s included in Analytics Training

Account Set Up

What’s included in an Analytics Set Up Package

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