Fantastic improvements to Google Analytics

Analytics has long been a great tool for small business. Not only does it give you the power to see what’s happening on your website, but it’s 100% free.

We all know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure – so Analytics (or some sort of stats package) is vital if you want to improve your website over time.

Well it just got a lot easier to do so

Google have just announced a number of improved features for Analytics, such as:
- better engagement metrics. eg you can know count a goal as someone that stays on the site for over 2 minutes
- up to 20 goals for each profile (at last!)
- filtering of results. eg don’t wade through a list of thousands of keywords, now you can filter say those with a low bounce rate & high time on site. sweet.

and many many more

check it all out here

eg. setting a goal that a visitor stays for over a minute


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